Point Being…?

23 08 2016


All of this information and data processing.

Then what?

We’ll have all this new information about matters which:

(1) Many of us are too scared to notice because our natural propensity to do so is turned into a pathology

(2) More and more people don’t care about because it’s fatiguing to do so

(3) We are instructed not to care about

(4) The official gunned-and-badged authorities are being pressured to ignore

Naming the ook would be a lot less convoluted.

ICYMI, I wrote two days go here:

CompStat/SSL [in Chicago] a flop.  I figured it would be.  Let’s say the CPD feeds a bunch of data into a supercomputer programmed with the latest greatest analytics and tells it to spit out the names of those most likely to be involved in “gun violence” either as vics and/or perps (and note the author of this article seems to be surprised that the two groups strongly overlap).  The reason I knew it would amount to nothing is two simple words:  Then What?  CPD gets the list of 426 people most likely to succeed (and that was the precise number).  What are they supposed to do with it?  Arrest them?  If they don’t already have warrants and there’s no probable cause, that’s unconstitutional.  Social services?  What, is Jenny the white liberal do-gooder is going to get down on her knees and beg N’Deshawntavious to behave?  Good luck with that.  The cops will pay them “visits” from time to time?  First off, they’re too scared to do anything close to that, especially now with the world breathing down their necks and the Eye of Sauron/Soros gazing upon them.  But even if they did, what credibility would it have among the 426 individuals?  Even these “visits” were just strongly worded warnings, that’s all they are.

We waste so much time and money to find out things we don’t want to know anyway.





One response

25 08 2016

“Information,” like “communication” before it, is a field of fetish. It’s a sort of cargo culty/voodooish thing. More is better, automatically. Doesn’t matter whether A actually leads to B or both caused C. Doesn’t matter whether you’re drowning in the post hoc fallacy.

All that matters is: data, mo = better.

I suppose there are a few career options for those of us steeped in Edward Tufte…but it’s likely to lead to nothing but false understanding.


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