“Wise Intelligent Supreme God Allah”

23 08 2016

Akron, Ohio


His mother would have done better by naming him LeBron.

With that kind of name, I’m surprised he didn’t legally append it with “Biggest Penis in the Universe.”

I wonder if it will be possible to give a Supreme God due process.

Oh well, he could always get Shitavious for a cellmate.





6 responses

23 08 2016

He should convert to Moorish Science Temple, and then his name would be:

Wise Intelligent Supreme God Allah Biggest Penis in the Universe-Bey

23 08 2016
Hard Right

He just needs more self-esteem.

23 08 2016
Hard Right

Arrested Police Officer Yelled ‘F-ck The Police!’ Before Urinating on the Floor, Cops Say


23 08 2016
Alex the Goon

Looks like a Super-Human Intelligent Titan to me.

25 08 2016
Area Man

They caught him with a High Point .380?

Yet another reason I don’t consider Allah a superior being.

25 08 2016
Area Man

His Moorish Science Temple name reminds me of the SNL bit about the Fat Albert gang. Mush Mouth got hooked on crank and went to prison. It all worked out because while in the joint he found Allah-ba.

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