Head Games

24 08 2016


About this supposed Trump softening and pivot on immigration:

It’s far more a matter of the media playing head games with and trying to drive a wedge between Trump and his most loyal supporters than it is reality and substance.

I think the media and the Hillary campaign (though I repeat myself) have figured out that their most potent weapon is to try to convince Trump supporters that he’s not the populist and nationalist he purports to be.  Uplifting Hillary doesn’t work well, and bashing Trump on the usual grounds doesn’t either.  Which leaves trying to dissolve the bounds which attracted Trump supporters to Trump to begin with.

Which is why one of two Hillary TV buys in Missouri has been about, “see see see, his clothes aren’t made in the USA, so he ain’t no economic nationalist.”

Let’s concede for the sake of discussion that Trump was actually softening on immigration.  It would mean that even his softened immigration policy is worlds stronger than what we have now and even more so than what Hillary would give us, and she’s promising to throw the borders open even wider than Obama has.  When you’re stuck in the middle of the Sahara desert, and you’re presented with a cup of water, you don’t care about the precise fraction of cup that is filled.




7 responses

24 08 2016
Avenge Harambe

Exactly, this is all about dampening and discouraging support among Trump supporters. More fear, uncertainty, doubt strategy. It’s starting to become obvious that all the fury and thrust from the MSM Saturn 5 rocket can not lift Clinton.

24 08 2016

I forgot the doubly ironic musical segue.

24 08 2016

Still though, which voters is he going for by bringing up latino home ownership rates(down from the sub-prime bubble of course)? Maybe its all a noise screen to distract from Bannon, and he still does have a lot of excellent personnel, but the speeches jeb bush would have given are not what I think anyone wants to hear.

24 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Trump looks like he’s throwing a bone to the shamnesty clowns at New Zoo Review. They’ll chase down and chew that bone like its a donor’s undersized pee-pee for the rest of the election cycle probably.

25 08 2016

It’s also about the MSM/jewsmedia desperately trying to reinsert themselves into a position of narrative influence at a time when that is part of the collapse and realignment.

25 08 2016

Another thing with this supposed pivot. I know it’s just talk rather than substance, because Trump hasn’t thrown Jeff Sessions out of his inner circle, he hasn’t fired Stephen Miller as his chief speechwriter, and Miller came to Trump from Jeff Sessions’s office, he hired Steven Bannon very recently, and he let Nigel Farage on stage last night.

When there’s a disconnect between political associations and political rhetoric, go with the associations.

26 08 2016
Reality Trumps

1) Trump needs to pound on about illegals and voter fraud.

2) He really needs to hire a true conservative (you? Profft?) to run his campaign because it will do him no good to share the same plate with Hillary as the continents divide. The woman he hired has done a good job but someone needs to sit down with Donald and teach him discipline, and to say I’ll get back to you on that.”

His followers, now beginning to see through him, don’t live in NY minutes, so he has time to get back on point..

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