Peak Boomer

24 08 2016

Sokoto, Nigeria

Proof that we’re living in the Peak Baby Boomer era.  Even though I know John Kerry himself is just slightly older than the generally accepted cutoff year between Boomers and Not-So-Silents.

On a visit to Nigeria today, Secretary of State John Kerry declared there are “far too many” who join terrorist groups like Boko Haram “because they have trouble finding meaning or opportunity in their daily lives.”

“Because they are deeply frustrated and alienated — and because they hope groups like Boko Haram will somehow give them a sense of identity, or purpose, or power,” Kerry said after meeting with local religious leaders to discuss community building and countering violent extremism in Sokoto, Nigeria.

See?  They’re just trying to find themselves.

That generation is really bad about projecting itself onto everyone else, both older and younger.




2 responses

24 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Well clearly the problem here is just education. Lets pay to send them to Universities in Israel and this should help immensely with issues across the board.

25 08 2016

I would say that Boko Haram has amply demonstrated meaning, opportunity, identity, purpose, and power in their lives. Problem is, Kerry doesn’t want to believe them despite their simple and clear assertions of that. “We want to kill you! We will do it!” “Aww, he’s just lacking direction!”

[shaking head] But that’s part of the formula–the denial of reality and construction of a secular religion. Also the overweening ego. “Yes, you SAY you want to slaughter infidels, but you can’t possibly mean it!”

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