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25 08 2016


Nixon News Network:

University of Missouri Review Commission member Renee Hulshof discusses diversity issue

The University of Missouri plans a September 13 announcement regarding diversity at its flagship campus in Columbia.

MU Interim Chancellor Dr. Hank Foley addressed the University of Missouri Review Commission’s Wednesday meeting at Mizzou, saying he’ll make a September announcement about diversity. While Chancellor Foley declined to elaborate about that announcement with reporters, Commission member Renee Hulshof says it will take place on September 13.

You’d think that with declining enrollment and a little bit of money problems, that the brass wouldn’t be arguing over how to drain the swamp while they’re up to their asses in gators.  However, it’s like I’ve been trying to tell you for months, their apparent problems aren’t problems, as long as they’re buying Andy Blunt to buy Republican politicians.  Any other time, I would advance the theory that all this yammering about diversity is designed to conceal some serious financial or institutional rot, but in this case, I know better.

Renee Hulshof?  You don’t think she got to be on that commission because of Kenny Hulshof, do you?

Foley says Mizzou’s diversity is improving among the student body, saying 26 percent of last year’s students were not majority-white. Foley says MU needs to do a better job on inclusion and retention of minority students and faculty. The diversity issue is important to Hulshof.

What this proves that white flight, not blacks, is the cause of the declining number of applications and declining enrollment.




2 responses

25 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Niggers and schools go together about as well as fire and ice. You can have learning or you can have diversity but you cannot have both. I have a feeling all the international students are going to follow the White kids out the door. What is left will be smoldering ruins and broken dreams of tenured idiots without their own little fiefdoms anymore. Too bad, so sad.

26 08 2016

why r they admitting any YT kids? Dey all be racisssss ‘n sheit….why r they admitting any AZN kids? Dey all be worstess racisssss ‘n sheit den de YT kidz :)

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