Not All

26 08 2016


I commented at that thread:

Many of you are probably going to hate me for saying this. But I’m going to say this anyway. But did you notice how the reporter goes and finds two random black parents, shows them the video, they react incredulously, of course, as anyone should, and their reactions become part of the news? When does that happen for any other garden variety news item on a half hour local eyeball newscast? And this happens fairly often, in all sorts of stations all across the country. I happen to think that a lot of news directors want to soften the blow of outrageous black misbehavior news stories by finding black people at random to express outrage and dismay. “See? Don’t hate all black people, they’re not all bad, NOT ALL.”

So far, no hate.






7 responses

26 08 2016

Not doubting what you are saying, but in this case the reporter was in front of a police station. Maybe those were the only people walking in?

26 08 2016

(((Ian Silver))), huh??

26 08 2016
David In TN

Your biggest fan has pointed out that in a TV news item about a black crime, a black reporter will be used.

I saw this done a couple of years ago when the female perp in the Christian-Newsom torture murders had a parole hearing. Sure enough, a Knoxville TV station sent a black reporter.

26 08 2016

Thing is there are so many black anchors and reporters that that sort of thing is far more coincidence than cluster these days.

26 08 2016

The other issue I have is the inference that blacks are “taught” degeneracy. No, children of all races are taught (or not taught) civilized behavior. Unfortunately for blacks, their default savage level is a lot lower than other races – it took two black parents AND severe social sanctions AND realistic laws and law enforcement (aka Jim Crow) to get blacks to halfway behave themselves. And that doesn’t even begin to address their value in society, just reining in their natural destructiveness was Step One, a Herculean, Sisyphean struggle; actual productivity and contribution to society – Step Two – is way beyond their level of evolution.

26 08 2016

TANGO – There Ain’t No Good Ones

26 08 2016
Alex the Goon

This is the opposite of what they did in the Rodney Luther King Jr riots. Reporters sought out blacks on the street for their thoughts, and when they encountered a Notall demanding the thugs be shot/arrested, they cut the mic mid-sentence and moved on to find more “No justuss no peace, Fuckfuck da poleece” howling monkeys.
What you describe, if it’s really their intention, is what my inner 1% non-cynic tries to tell me about all the bullshit commercial casting — black scientist, black nuclear family with black father, black graduate, blacks planning for retirement, blacks making wise purchases or anything else wise. I.e., Madistein Avenue isn’t suggesting blacks presently fill these positive life roles, but “Maybe just maybe, if we paste that image everywhere, they’ll aspire to it.” 99% Me just rolls his eyes and tells 1% to fuck off with that.

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