Chobani Rape Update

27 08 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho

As if they’re not?  I still think this that this and any other media source which engages in unusually strident rhetoric about the matter is a source where one can find a lot of Chobani advertising.

Speaking of Chobani and Twin Falls, rape isn’t the only thing it wrought.




4 responses

28 08 2016

Noticed there is this new fad of “Greek” yogurt in the grocery stores that sells for twice the price of your standard yogurt. They found a gimmick to get white people to pay more for the same thing.

28 08 2016
Anonymous Someone

I don’t know you have heard of a small grocery store chain in the middle of Missouri. They got one in Jefferson City, one in Columbia, one in Ashland, one in Fulton, one in Holts Summit, and one not far from me in Warrenton. Starts with an M, but I don’t want to say. I saw their paper circular that they sell Chobani. I’m gonna talk to the manager of the Warrenton store about them getting rid of it.

29 08 2016
Hard Right

If it’s the one I’m thinking of, they have three in Columbia.

29 08 2016


I think these are the kind of people that would listen.

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