Melted Swirl

27 08 2016

I referenced her, and specifically, her book, in a post here last year.  I’m referring to Christelin Karazin.

I’ve heard that the oil driller left her, and the whole thing is blowing up on the parts of social media to whom the matter is a big deal.  “White supremacy” is being thrown around a hundred different ways.  Though I’m vague on the details.

The thing about so many WM/BW relationships is that both partners come into the relationship with contradictory agendas, which involve the mythical concept of white privilege.  She thinks it exists, and that all WM have it, so if she gets a WM, any WM, she has an “in” to the supposed white privilege system.  Meanwhile, he thinks it exists, he doesn’t want it to, and he doesn’t want to benefit from it, so he thinks that the BW he is in a relationship with is his anti-racist egalitarian talisman.

So you put the two together:  One wants it, the other doesn’t, and both are why they’re together, but the it in this case doesn’t actually exist.  Aside from the million other reasons a relationship can go bad, this one doesn’t help.




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