28 08 2016



Don’t laugh.  I see posters like these hanging around all over St. Louis every August before Strassenfest.

What, you don’t believe me?

One of the two victims at last year’s J’Ouvert.





5 responses

28 08 2016

J’Ouvert is a all night street party held the night before the West Indian Day Parade on Labor Day. Is BLM marching??

28 08 2016

Who is going to investigate and prosecute?
Don’t black lives matter / don’t snitch?
Cognitive dissonance is obviously not my forte.

28 08 2016
john jones

“These murderers will spend up to and including 20 years in jail!!!!”

Wow the horror! Whats normal parole? 1/2 of your time??
That’s well within my risk calculus if I really wanted to rub someone out.

1 09 2016

Jeez, I thought shooty and stabby IS a celebration of “Caribbean pride, culture, and heritage….”

5 09 2016
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[…] either didn’t read the posters, couldn’t read the posters, or just didn’t […]

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