“People Wouldn’t Know What’s Going On”

30 08 2016

Dhaka, Bangladesh

If John F’n Kerry advocated this because he thought that cutting off the publicity oxygen supply to Muslim nutbars would deter future acts of terrorism on the part of their ilk, or if he thought that the media should have a gentleman’s/ladies’s/transgender’s agreement not to cover Muslim terrorism because of the “only thing we have to fear is fear itself” factor, to reduce public hysteria and paranoia over the matter, then I would give him a fair hearing.  Even though I wouldn’t agree with him as such.  The analogy between Mohammed-al-Terroristiqua and your garden variety young white man beta male rage school shooter isn’t perfect; cutting off the media stream would deter the latter but not the former.  While it is true that a given person has been more likely to die from a fatal kick from a cow than Islamic terrorism since 9/11, Islamic terrorism is ultimately grounded in that eternally volatile mashup of nationalist and religious zeal.  However, if Kerry was thinking about one of these two things, we would at least concede his concern is bona fide and rational.

However, he used the exact words that are the title of this post.  His reasoning is entirely predicated on his desire that we not notice things, not notice patterns, and use the reality and fear of Muslim terrorism as grounds to organize politically against mass immigration.  It’s pretty much the same reason why Jim Clyburn’s daughter is using her power as an FCC commissioner to demand that local eyeball TV newscasts that air on FCC-licensed terrestrial media not run stories about black crime, and why the Ferguson Commission Report pretty much endorsed that very idea.  We’re not allowed to notice things.




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30 08 2016

It’s not like he doesn’t have a template. We’ve had decades of the media covering up racist violence against whites, such as the two elderly whites recently burned to death by blacks, and it seems to work pretty well for them. More dead whites and no white backlash – win, win.

30 08 2016
David In TN

Some years ago your biggest fan wrote about a black so-called reporter who said black crime was caused by reporting on it.

30 08 2016

were this paired with a crackdown on terrorists it might not be so nakedly blatant what he wants to accomplish.

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