I Got All That From a Video

31 08 2016


And more.

Mash up the video with that clip from the Trib, and I think we’re witnessing the beginning of a series of events which inevitably and inexorably will end in both the Presidency of the United States becoming an obvious dictatorship and many black parts of cities being placed under martial law, and by “martial,” I mean the 101st Airborne kind of martial law.  It could be the “strike while the iron is hot” opportunity for #NRx.

Don’t agree with me?  Tell me how this toothpaste is going to go back into the tube.




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31 08 2016

More Chicago.


It’s called “gun violence” because nobody wants to call it “black violence,” and the reason it’s not called “black violence” is that the grandmothers of the (usual) suspects vote in Chicago elections. Meanwhile, the NRA or -types have virtually zero influence in Chicago.

Also, the reason they were told over and over again that both typical suspects and typical victims were BM 17-23 with similar life and criminal histories is a dog whistle to white people that black violence almost exclusively involves black thugs bing-banging other black thugs, ergo white people had nothing to worry about. If only that were true. When Mokwa tried that line here during his time as Chief, I reverse engineered his numbers, researched, and found that St. Louis City’s murder rate involving only the kind of murders which he says did not involve black thugs as both perps and vics was still 2.75 times higher than St. Louis County’s entire murder rate (and most of those are the same kind of black thug on black thug affairs), and far many times higher than St. Charles County or Jefferson County.

Still, it’s true: Most black homicides are such that the only difference between perp and vic is who gets to the gun first.

31 08 2016

The crap goes back into the horse when the democrats get spanked badly for facilitating this.

31 08 2016

These cops had great self-control, good job on not shooting one or more of these ooks. Their self-control has to be strengthened by the knowledge that Rahm most assuredly does not have their backs.

31 08 2016
Alex the Goon

The self-control is probably because they’ve all seen this TNB by the TNs every. damn. day on the job.
Send the toothpaste back to Mother Africa, who can put it back in the tube, or eat it, or fuck it.

31 08 2016


“Tell me how this toothpaste is going to go back into the tube.”

It’s not, it’s probably time to take the stick to them, and more importantly, to their enablers.

1 09 2016
Stan d Mute

Doesn’t need to go back into the tube. It’s just Chicongo. Who cares? Remember “The Paris of the Midwest”? Birthplace of the American middle class? Wealthiest city in America? After the race riots in the 1940’s and again in 1967, Detroit transformed from two million successful whites to 700,000 illiterate welfare scamming Dindus. And the wheel keeps turning. So Chicongo is the early 21st Century Detoilet? Cops won’t bother trying. Street lights won’t work because nobody has any money, interest, or skill to maintain them.

No, the toothpaste won’t go back into the tube. But it’s easy enough to just squirt the rest out and leave the rotting mess for the anthropologists in the 23rd Century.

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