Stenger’s Triple Bankshot

31 08 2016


(1) He seems to be coming around to endorsing MissingLink expansion anywhere in St. Louis County, which means he gets to lose his reputation as an anti-transit killjoy

(2) He is endorsing putting it in the most social justicey place in St. Louis County, so he’ll score SJW/BLM Pokemon Points

(3) No ML in South County.


If Tony Messenger responds to this news at all, I’ll be able to find out where on the ideological-cynical spectrum he sits.  If he’s purely ideological, he’ll praise this, if he’s cynical, then he’ll note pretty much what I did, that Stenger is proposing something which happens to work out to both his political and personal benefit at the same time while keeping black people MissingLink out of his South County.




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