Would You Mind Spelling That Out For Me?

31 08 2016



Family and friends say Ferguson teen gunned down had big goals and a big heart

The family and friends of a Ferguson teen gunned down over the weekend in Kinloch says Jorell Cleveland had big goals for his future and an even bigger heart to help anyone in need.


“He used to always talk about how bad he wanted to graduate and now he can never walk across the stage” Aden said.

Another version of this story claimed that he wanted to go into the military.

Okay, he’s 19 years old, hasn’t graduated from high school yet, doesn’t seem like he’ll ever be able to, yet he has all these “big goals.”  On top of that, he’s another one who was lauded for his intention to go into the military rather than actually being there.  It’s not as if he’s not old enough.  If he really had that intention, his family and friends would already be watching Snapchats of him being made to drop and do twenty.

Also, I thought the problem in Ferguson was evil bloodthirsty white cops mowing down black babies’ bodies.

In the video, you’ll hear the well known world famous ghetto backbeat of a chirping smoke detector.  I’m surprised some rapper hasn’t made a song with that as musical accompaniment.




4 responses

31 08 2016
Alex the Goon

an even bigger heart to help anyone in need.
So he was an organ donor, then?

31 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

He wuz turning his life around. Ever wonder why blacks never get anywhere? Its because they’re always turning their lives around. Around and around it goes, but where ever it stops nobody really cares. Another lost chile whose Father didn’t care, and whose Momma will cry crocodile tears at the funeral and then go back to watching her stories on tellyvision.

1 09 2016

Every black at work packing boxes has some story about “plans to go back to school” and become blah, blah, blah. Seems that talk is taken as seriously as if they actually accomplished these things. The 1-800 trade school racket advertising on Maury makes a fortune off the fools who go beyond talk. They are simply cynical businesses that get a bank to lend you as much money as you can qualify for…and then give it all to them! Tens of Thousands for the same certificate you can get at your local community college for a pittance. This explosion of easy credit to the lower classes since the 70s has been a bane on American Life, no wonder “usury” was banned in historic times.

3 09 2016

OMG! I had no idea you understood about the chirping smoke detectors! I was a housing inspector in the ghetto for years. I can’t count the times I asked the resident dindu why they put up with the noise rather than change the battery. Inevitably they would say, “what noise?” I eventually got bored and would ask, “do you have a parakeet?” just to enjoy the befuddlement.

They genuinely don’t regard it as their job to take care of anything in a rented house or apartment.

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