523 Words Too Many

1 09 2016


Why Aren’t Social Justice Warriors Trying to Ruin Hip-Hop?

Followed by a 524-word body.

I would have only needed one word:


Which this does have, but not until the second to last paragraph.




One response

1 09 2016

OT, I was watching Rachel Maddow snarking on Trump. She spliced the immigration speech together to make trump look as hitlerish as possible. I did notice something though. If trump wants a better word to use besides deportation, he should use repatriation instead. Imagine a repatriation force! I think this would be a smart play. I am telling you because you seem to be able to bend derb’s ear, and I am pretty sure Bannon reads Derb.
Also, I am sure someone smarter than me has thought of this.

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