Social Jesuit Warriors

1 09 2016

Washington, D.C.

Why do they think they must atone?

For what sin are they atoning?

The two most educated and intellectual denominational corps of Christian clerics are on the polar opposite sides of a lot of theological disputes:  Jesuits and Missouri Synod Lutherans.  Therefore, Jesuits know that there is not a single condemnation of slavery as an institution anywhere in the Bible.  I would excuse such ignorance from theology lite touchy feely hucksters of the Joel Osteen mold and mammyookem cracker jack box theology degree AME black pimp preachers.  Jesuits are supposed to know better.

If the Maryland Jesuits had helped fund Georgetown University with the proceeds from murder contracts, then yeah, I can see the necessity for atonement.  And because Jesuits are works-justification, it would make sense for them atone through Earthly works.

Otherwise, this whole exercise is about black people who are fishing for a reason why they should never be held accountable for anything, and their non-black allies who agree with that notion.




6 responses

1 09 2016

Based solely on this post, I might get the idea that you have racist tendencies.

1 09 2016

But my previous 18,823 posts will convince you that I’m Tim Wise’s brother from another mother.

1 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah man, you must live in the 19th Century or something. This is the post-modern apocalypse the 19th Century and early 20th Century priests warned everyone about. Television finally became the vast wasteland that everyone said it was when Twilight Zone was still on the air with Rod Serling. My mom used to tell me I was wasting my time reading Comic Books growing up. Thank God she died before they became the plots of half of the Major Motion Pictures produced.
Its downward spirals all the way around. Our whole society is imploding. This isn’t the future we were promised with the Jetsons with flying cars and robot servants. There are no intellectuals anymore. They were pretty misguided to begin with, but now they’re just dumb and misinformed. We’re living in a dark dystopian Cyberpunk future. Kids go to college and only read the Cliffs Notes. They is no elite class or real intellectual. When you see the Bushes and Clintons becoming a political Dynasty, you better make some plans for the imminent collapse right now.
Jesuits might have been erudite before, but as you can see with the new old Poop, they’re just another kind of lame Social Justice Warrior now. That guy doesn’t even read the Holy Bible. He’s not even quoting scripture. I wouldn’t hire that clown to teach Sunday School. Its worse than you believe.

2 09 2016
Hard Right

Not only does the Bible not condemn slavery, it actually condones it. The Old Testament is full of rules concerning who could be a slave, when they were to be released, and how they were to be treated. It even includes rules on sex slaves wives.

when Twilight Zone was still on the air with Rod Serling.

At least he could smoke on tv.

We’re living in a dark dystopian Cyberpunk future.


2 09 2016
Alex the Goon

Not just the Old Testament; Jesus and Paul also discussed it.

3 09 2016
Hard Right

I didn’t use any New Testament examples because some of Paul’s writings implied that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of slavery. I don’t recall Jesus ever speaking specifically about the institution of slavery.

Interestingly, the Jesuits in Maryland used to own slaves.

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