Taken My Advice

2 09 2016


Judge throws out House-78-D, orders a new election two weeks from today.

Turns out the source of the fraud is the fact that Rodney Hubbard, Penny’s husband, is the party committee chairman for the city’s fifth ward, which is entirely, in House-78, and he not only has the ability to stuff boxes, it seems like he did.  While I don’t pay that much attention to the way special interests and some of my colleagues deal with General Assembly Democrats, I do know that Penny Hubbard is very open to voting against the mainstream of her own party for the right price.

I can also assure you this isn’t the first instance of voter fraud in the City of St. Louis.  It’s just one of the few that involve black Democrats victimizing other black Democrats, so the victim can’t be intimidated by racism cat calls into not pressing the matter.





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