Says You

3 09 2016



Suspect who fired at police, shot and killed by St. Louis officer


This incident is not the first officer involved shooting to take place this week in the city of St. Louis.  On Tuesday a suspect was taken into custody after pointing a gun at an officer following a carjacking.  The suspect was hit in the leg.

Chief Dotson says this trend needs to stop.

“This is the second time this week that criminals in the community thought it was okay to shoot at police officers, armed with guns, firing at police officers. That has to stop.  It’s putting our community at risk, it’s putting our officers at risk.  We have to do better than that,” Dotson said.

It has to stop? Says who? Says you. What makes you think it’s going to stop? You have to remember that black lives matter, because H->. We have all but totally forgotten all the black undertow and black conscious types that have killed cops in Dallas, Baton Rouge and elsewhere just over the summer, not to mention all the other very similar ones that have happened after August 9, 2014. And the reason we have all but totally forgotten them is because the national media have buried them in the rabbit hole.




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