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6 09 2016

Jefferson City

NRA endorses Koster.

Because he has a reasonable 2A record, remember, in the Senate, he voted for CCW back in 2003, and he was still an elected Republican at that time and would be for another three years, and because the NRA is reading the tea leaves and realizing inevitability.  Like I’ve been saying, that inevitability is labor union driven.




One response

12 09 2016
Area Man

I get that the NRA (of which I am a life member) is a single issue group. The only problem with that is by ignoring immigration they wind up supporting candidates who will flood the country with foreigners who are more favorable to gun control than whites.

Did anyone catch Harry Reid going after the NRA a few weeks ago?
Now that he is finally leaving the NRA are the bad guys. When he was running for reelection and needed money the NRA were ok folks.


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