Pissed Off

7 09 2016


Isn’t this supposed to be the kind of thing which makes actual blacks involved in BLM hopping mad at white “allies?”

OTOH, is more proof of what we’ve been seeing for two years and the recent DNC leaks have proven, that the whole progressive-left, Democrat Party in the United States and now the Labour Party in England have hitched all their wagons to the BLM horses.  A stunt which I think they will eventually come to rue with every cell of their existence.





2 responses

7 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Man this wasn’t a BLM thing. They took the BLM name to cover a pathetic Climate Change protest. They knew the Global Warming thing wouldn’t get covered so these lame SJWs pretended it was a BLM thing. These blacks give jack shit about the environment. This is a phony BLM thing to make the evening news on the Beeb.

9 09 2016

Sadly, they are neither smart nor lucid enough to rue. This would presuppose the ability to link a cause to an effect. They’ll simply move on to the next disaster, as they always do.

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