Tinfoil Hat Ash

7 09 2016

Washington, D.C.


While he’s at it, he should ask Putin to quit using chemtrails to fluoridate our water.

This whole Russia bit started after the DNC hacks, when the Democrats needed something to scream about to distract everyone from the devastating content of the leaked e-mails.  We still don’t know who actually cracked into the DNC servers.  However, from that one little look squirrel, their tinfoil hats have only grown bigger and shinier, to the point where they either have it in their heads, or they want us to think, that Vladimir Putin is personally trying to affect the outcome of the election, so that if Trump wins, they’ll all have a nice convenient handy crutch to lean on.




9 responses

7 09 2016

Like Putin said, “the people have a right to know”.

7 09 2016

He’s definitely not an American politician. Those say that we have the right not to know.

7 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

It all started with the e-mails Hillary lost and were found. Russia is the #1 threat to the petrodollar. They are supporting China’s Renminbi. No petrodollar and the Federal Reserve Scam implodes like the World Trade Center. The Rockefellers are gonna lose most of it, and the others are gonna have no more influence with the Whorehouse on the Potomac. Its a Big Fucking Deal.

8 09 2016

They don’t believe or care if Russia hacked the system, this is just boob bait for Freeper-lights, hoping to stir up a “Murica, hell yeah!” in a few MORs. Not many of them out there though. Also allows liberals to take a fake patriotic pose, with a UL certified white target. Haven’t really had that since Slobo. The only other (((approved))) targets are Muzzies, they’re not white so it just doesn’t jazz lefty “patriots.”

And doesn’t that Ashton (Ashton!) B. Carter just inspire fear and respect?

8 09 2016
Hard Right

Best news to come out of Rhodesia in decades.


Mugabe told reporters Obama should prove he is not the son of a whore.

8 09 2016
Hard Right

9 09 2016
David In TN

Funny how liberals nowadays are hostile to “Russia.” Back when it was the Soviet Union they granted every allowance for hostile behavior by the “Soviets.”

9 09 2016

AR ran a piece from your neighbor in NRO, wherein he comes out and states that Putin is provoking and funding the alt-right.

Yeah, I remember from my reading of history and my living on the tail end of it that it was considered a mental pathology to be that paranoid about the Russians. They even had a name for it: McCarthyism. NR’s founder even purged people of that mentality or close enough to out out of NR and out of official conservatism.

Now, it’s officially cool to peddle conspiracy theories about Russia.

10 09 2016
Area Man

Didn’t 0bama send a bunch of people and a few million bucks over to Ukraine when they had an election?
When they voted for the wrong candidate, didn’t we fund and otherwise support those who threw the new leader out?
Didn’t 0bama campaign for Remain during the Britexit vote just a few weeks ago?

I wonder sometimes if he truly is that non self aware or after a lifetime of special treatment he can’t even conceive that the rules might apply to him too?

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