Free While It Lasted

8 09 2016

San Francisco

AirBnB surrenders to SJWs.

They had no need to from a legal standpoint, because they are merely a software and services company that facilities short term housing arrangements that are outside the purview of the Fair Housing Act.

Because, the nerve of people not wanting to rent out rooms in their houses for a week to Shitavious/L’Booshondria.




3 responses

8 09 2016

so just how do you enjoy the benefits of racism without being called a racist?

9 09 2016

It is a two way street. Blacks do not want to live with whites and whites don’t want blacks any where near them. The complain was made as a thumb in the eye to whites. Hey whitey take this we hate you.

10 09 2016
Area Man

I wish blacks didn’t want to live around whites.
If that was true we wouldn’t have dead inner cites and safe clean suburbs that 0bama has promised to ruin with “fair housing”.

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