Panem Et Circenses, Part II

8 09 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

It happened again.

One year ago on this kind of date, the Thursday after Labor Day, this happened.

Just a short time ago, these same two guys breezed past me, and pretty much said the same thing, including that it was “good to be back in the land of the living.”

When they did it last year, I had a strong suspicion that they aren’t native or close enough to native St. Louisans, because we don’t get that worked up over football.  That and the particular firm for which these men work is in an industry known for its institutional and geographical transiency (“town to town, up and down the dial“).  Now that they’ve done it again, I pretty much know for sure they’re not, because of what transpired in the real of professional football vis-a-vis St. Louis in the last year.




One response

8 09 2016

No insightful comment but your WKRP ref caused me to look up this gem:

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