Quit Worrying (Drop the Mic)

9 09 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I wrote this response comment on AR not more than a half hour ago.


As I drop the mic.

And as I remember snarking about this kind of thing not so long ago.




6 responses

9 09 2016

Ok, I’m old now at 48, but I think this phone obsession/addiction is different. I was in a busy airport not long ago with nothing to do but people watch and I was watching this nice looking young couple standing there with their baby in a stroller and the baby (probably 8 or 9 months) was desperately trying to get their attention to the point of throwing the rattle or binky or whatever they kept handing it to shut up – just to get attention. Finally another women standing nearby starting making faces and waiving at the baby to give it some attention.

I don’t know that we’ve had a generation of moms more interested in the phone than the baby. There’s going to be ripple effects. I’m also aware of a local kid in my burb a few years back who was struck by a train walking down the tracks cause he was listening to tunes in broad daylight and didn’t see or hear it coming, including the warning blasts.

10 09 2016
Area Man

So far I think most everything that have been observed about those “damned kids” since post WWII has been correct sadly.

The huge increases in technology have been the only thing to keep us distracted from how lazy and stupid most everyone has gotten.

10 09 2016

My only direct experience with millennials was when I was still working (retired in 2010). I figured that they would be very tech-savvy, most of them unable to remember a time before ubiquitous computers. I was half right; I helped staff a computer help desk with some of them, and in our downtime they would have dozens of chat windows open, social media pages open, card games, etc etc. They had the attention span of fruit flies, but OTOH, they were able to multitask in a way that I would find draining. The astonishing thing to me was how absolutely incurious they were. Not one of them knew anything about actually using MS Word, for example. They had virtually all of human knowledge at their fingertips on the ‘net, but couldn’t spell, form coherent sentences, tell you what the adjacent states to California are, and on and on and on. It was with great delight that I recently discovered Millennial Woes (and crew), with fine young men like them then I don’t worry so much about our imminent destruction.

10 09 2016

Ironically, Millennial Woes himself is like me, late Gen X rather than Millennial.

10 09 2016
Hard Right

Something I’ve noticed about the Alt-Right kiddies is that a rather high percentage of them is “transitioning,” and an even higher percentage is chasing the “transitioners.”

10 09 2016
Hard Right

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