Reparations on the Cheap

9 09 2016

Washington, D.C.


Georgetown Slave Descendants Want A BILLION Dollar Reconciliation Fund

The descendants of slaves sold by Georgetown University are calling on the school to create a billion-dollar “Reconciliation Fund,” one week after the school apologized for its role in the slave trade and promised several (much cheaper) efforts to make up for it.

We’re getting off easy.  Not long ago, we were presented with a “fourteen figure” (i.e. in the tens of trillions) reparations bill.

Maybe we can trick them and make them think that a million is more than a trillion.




6 responses

9 09 2016

This should certainly stop the leadership of other universities from wandering down that dark and scary road. Get these people “covert shitlord of the week” medals!

9 09 2016

each & every University should be required to create a $100 billion slush, er, mean, Reparation Fund to pay all sub-saharan student victims of the terrible legacy of da’Slabberry a minimum of $1000 a week. There should also be a 10 year moratorium on admission of any white or asian students. The moritori would be way better & effective if it was for 50 years…..btw – all this should start @ U of Missouri

9 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Pay them in Zimbabwe Dollars. Give them the infamous 100 Trillion Dollar notes, the highest denomination of any money in History. Give them all a one way ticket to Zimbabwe so they can spend this fortune. By the time they realize they got less the 25 cents American, they’ll be living in their magical homeland of disease and wars and starvation like Nature intended.

9 09 2016

Are they agreeing to discharge their claim towards reparations forever? The answer to that is no. They will always have their hand out, because stupid whites will keep paying.

They were paid in full with blood during the civil war by the way.

9 09 2016

And here’s the latest example of why reparations would be much cheaper than continuing the insanity. “The killings have disproportionately victimized the city’s black residents, who account for 14% of the population but nearly half of those killed.”

10 09 2016
Hard Right

No reparations without repatriation.

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