Why Shaniqua Can’t Code

9 09 2016

Fountain Park

This has already happened.  Biden basically said that we all need to learn how to code because it’s the best route to the middle class.

Because we don’t need that many coders, there won’t be much of a middle class anymore, if that’s true. The other problem is that these jobs are supposed to require such high skill levels that by all rights they should have upper middle class salary and benefits packages, not straight middle class ones. We all know why they don’t, (cough cough H-1B cough cough), and if LaunchCode does have placement success, it will only create an even bigger army of CSIT permatemps.

LaunchCode happens to be in the same state office building on Delmar just east of Kingshighway that also hosts the St. Louis NAACP office. That should tell you all you need to know about its intentions. You know the old book Why Johnny Can’t Read. The book for our times could be tiled Why Shaniqua Can’t Code.




7 responses

9 09 2016

as a highly paid “coder” for 30+ years can verify that the trade has indeed been ruined by H1-B… a few sub-saharans are actually top notch coders but most are just given a pass & “credit” for work actually done by yt &/or azn coders

10 09 2016

What’s actually probably happening at LaunchCode is that they’re teaching enough semi-qualified “undda-privvegged” people enough rhetoric to be conversant about CSIT so they can function well when they’re hired into HR.

13 09 2016

Bingo on that. It’s recognizing that even Affirmative Action jobs in some industries require the ability to sound 5% familiar with technical terms.

Which by the way change all the time, and only lifelong learners can keep up, which AA hires are not. But don’t worry. There will be more Programs.

This is also weird Uncle Joe wearing his hat of talking about computers and “STEM” and all that with the advanced understanding of the technology and its real-world deployment that he previously brought to shotguns.

The other reason for it is to let Big DigiData posture as giving a scheisse about Shaniqua. Look! We’re giving the natives matches and showing them how to light fires! Now they can cook, keep warm, and invent steam propulsion!


10 09 2016
Alex the Goon

Shaniqua can’t code, because Shaniqua can’t even read/write/speak English correctly or consistently. Compilers, those damn raciss’s, are picky about syntax and vocabulary. Someone would need to create an A.I. preprocessor to translate her Cbonics into compilable code. I don’t know how you’d go about translating daily-made-up words like “thizzle”, or if Googleberg is even working on it for their minority outreach program.

10 09 2016
Area Man

Isn’t the trend for more and more coding to be done by computer anyway?

Sort of like the 3D printers that can replicate themselves, software written by a computer is not that far fetched anymore.

10 09 2016

I’ve read a few articles about how that kind of thing is not far off. Ray Kurzweil, call your office.

10 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah but Question Diversity, you have to know at this point that diversity is the price you pay for not being a racist. Cuckers like the Cheeto Bandito Glenn Beck will worship at the feet of Marchin Looter Kang to be on the radio, but video killed the radio star back in the ’80s. Back in the ’80s we could afford to be idealists, cause diversity was only something on television, but today it could be living next door. Illusions on a screen is one thing, but illusions don’t last long in Grand Theft Culture: Ape City.

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