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12 09 2016

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All the news about HRC has made us think of FDR and the obvious analogy.

There is a myth that even through his Presidency that next to nobody knew that he was suffering from polio and was wheelchair-bound for it, and that the lack of public knowledge was the result of a media’s gentlemen’s agreement, a conspiracy of self-censorship.  It is my reading of the history that even during his Presidency, almost everyone who was literate on current events knew that he was a polio patient, it’s just that what was covered up was the severity of his case, and that he was in a wheelchair; most people thought he somehow recovered from his initial sickness from before he became Governor of New York, such that he was at least bipedally functional, even if not spry.  Also, I understand that the reason for the successful cover-up of the wheelchair was more so Secret Service muscle rather than media perfidy.

At some point, after his death, the whole truth came out.  What I need a historian for is to tell me when, and how, and the circumstances.  I know that the truth was fully understood by 1976, because when George Wallace ran for President that year openly from a wheelchair, and got flack for it, he compared himself to FDR.  So, it had to be some time after 1945 but before 1976.




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12 09 2016
David In TN

FDR’s true condition was known WAY before 1976. I read biographies of FDR as a high school student in the mid-60’s that told he was in a wheelchair.

The public at the time, as you wrote above, knew he was somewhat impaired, but considered him well enough.

FDR made his Little Dog Fala speech during the 1944 campaign. The film was shown with him sitting down delivering the speech. When heard on the radio, FDR was a great speaker, as he was speaking at the podiym on Inauguration Day or in a packed arena.

12 09 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

It has to have been known! FDR at one point put out a call for the nation’s wealthy to come forward and fund an organization to find a vaccine or cure for polio. Of course this call was made to the wealthy; they are the only ones he knew or associated with. I think it was for 1,000 wealthy to each contribute $1,000 each.

Radio entertainer Eddie Cantor suggested it be changed to 1,000,000 people each contribute one dollar, thus putting everyone’s skin in the game.

Thus was born the March of Dimes.

12 09 2016
Alex the Goon

That March never ended, even after polio was cured. Funny, that.

14 09 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

They redirected their efforts. The cause is now birth defects.

12 09 2016

This vid

is as thorough as you’ll find. 85 mins.

15 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

The media was in the tank for FDR, like they were for JFK. They say they wanted to keep things civil, but that’s the tell that shows the fix is in. All the press knew FDR was a wheelchair bound invalid. His wife was a lesbian I hear. The “Free Press” is a myth. William Randolph Hearst and a handful of rich jews owned all the major fiishwraps back then, and the radio was just as bought and corporate as TV is now.
I think Hillary is dead. ABC News Channel 7 New York reported she died. They had it on the air and a story on their website said she was pronounced dead at a local Hospital. They quickly took it off, and now they’re trying to say it was a mistake, but that’s Bullshit. This isn’t like saying Abe Vigoda died before he did. This is a local newstation in town breaking a huge story. No way they would report this unless it was legit. That obviously wasn’t her in that photo op. Whoever that body double was, she’s one bad actress. Hillary hasn’t been that happy and healthy in over a decade. Even the media is embarassed by how bad that was. Bill is taking over her campaign. She hasn’t been seen on camera since. They might be buying time until the Party can agree on a replacement but they’ve got a problem. After Debbie Wasserman Schulz resigned they put Donna Brazile in as Party Chairman. She’s gonna veto anyone who not black for sure. She’ll probably want The Wookie in there. Man, they’ll lose all fifty states if that happens. She’s less charming and photogenic than Chewbacca.

15 09 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

I agree that Mrs. Clinton is likely dead. The performance in front of Chelsea’s place was just too opportune, right up to the politicians-kissing-babies schtick.

I brought this up at some other sites. The context being discussed was how Soviet figures who disappeared “had a cold”, then later were reported as having died.

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