What’s This I Hear?

12 09 2016


Gossip about supposed Black Panthers protesting along and briefly blocking Euclid Avenue this afternoon, because of the murder of Darren Seals.

When it happened, I thought that black Twitter and the local undertow intelligentsia would blame da white poleeceseseseses.  And that’s what this rumored BP march this afternoon might have been about.  But I also have come to find out that blacks are pointing fingers at each other, that there’s a lot of jealousy and bad blood over credit and other spoils from the Ferguson and post-Ferguson activism; for instance, Hoteps think that BLM had Seals murdered.




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12 09 2016

13 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Maybe he was angry he wasn’t paid yet, and they gave him an early retirement?

13 09 2016
13 09 2016

Could there be fighting over that Soros money??

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