Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

12 09 2016


Young children in Carthage learning second language

I stopped there.

Hispanic immigration. It will be mentioned somewhere in the body.

Missouri is not a big Hispanic immigration state, except for a slew of towns in southwest Missouri, west central Missouri and parts of Kansas City, they’re noticeable.




3 responses

12 09 2016
Hard Right

What is it about Joplin and Sedalia? Joplin’s percentage is higher than Columbia’s which is only average. Sedalia’s percentage is almost as high as Kansas City’s. Why is KC 11% while STL is only 3.5%?

12 09 2016

Explaining STL vs KC will take a bit, but one easy explanation for everywhere else is agricultural processing facilities.

12 09 2016
Hard Right

I figured that it was unlikely to be construction. There’s more construction in Columbia than anywhere else. 3.5% doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but we’ve already got 10 percent Negroes out here.

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