With Friends Like Them

12 09 2016

San Francisco

The American Interest:

High-Earners Flee Blue States

A recent argument produced by blue model partisans to demonstrate the alleged superiority of high-tax, high-regulation policy is that states that practice it, like New York and California, tend to have a higher proportion of affluent people.

“We’re cool because so many rich people live here.”

Dood, srsly?  That’s your argument?  And this is supposed to be an era where we’re laser light focused on either the existence of (if you’re on the left) or the burgeoning of (if you’re alt-right or populist right) income and wealth inequality.





One response

12 09 2016

Driving poor people out is how you create prosperity, well, that is if you refuse to enact social controls on dysfunctionality like those dirty social conservatives.

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