Having His Cake and Eating It Too

13 09 2016


Uh, guys?  It’s not the city planning and zoning commission you should be mad at.

You all swarmed the address of 690 Chesterfield Parkway West to express your anger, when the address you really need to be is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

One of the least understood but most important legacies of the Baraq Obama Administration is that in several important policy areas, he has both unilaterally changed policy, which is bad enough, but even worse than that, he has done it in such a way that the policy is enacted and the consequences happen, but the people negatively impacted by them wind up blaming someone else, some local yokel public or empowered individuals that are near to them and that they can see and access, people had nothing to do with the matter at hand, but they don’t blame the proper source, Baraq Obama personally.

The two most prominent examples of that are AFFH and Dear Colleague.  In the case of the former, which is also afoot in this news, as you can see, people get outraged at county council members, suburban planning and zoning boards, even though all they’re doing is being powerless conduits for the tyrant/democrat-in-chief.  Dear Colleague is the short hand reference to the Obama Administration pressuring colleges and universities to bounce men out of school because they had consensual sex (or sometimes didn’t) with women.  The victims and their allies wind up venting at college administrators, but not at Baraq Obama.

Life would be really easy for me if I could rob banks while setting up fall guys.




5 responses

13 09 2016

I live right down the road from the proposed development. Everybody hates this. What I love is you have 3 types that are opposed:
1) Anti Traffic
2) Pro Greenspace
3) Anti Crime / Realist

I think the green space people are actually sincere ‘nimby’ types, but would guess that 1/2 of of the traffic people are really anti crime.

13 09 2016

Type 1 and Type 2 are just hiding their revulsion toward the black undertow behind polite permissible rationales. Look up the Maryland Purple Line controversy, I’ve written about it a few times in this space.

13 09 2016

The most striking thing about that picture is that it is almost all older whites, as you’ve noted before they get stuff done. Soon though all those nasty old whites will die out and there will be no more people with intact social networks to organize against the wealthiest few. nice work there leftists.

15 09 2016

Is this a government rent-subsidized project, in part or in whole? If this is a market rate project located in Chesterfield, I don’t see why there would be a problem as this is a fairly tony area of western St. Louis County.

15 09 2016

I take such massive public local opposition as a hint that it’s the former.

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