Social Justice Gives No Quarter, Part 2

13 09 2016

Cupertino, California

OTOH, if you’re in Canada, then everyone around you by definition is diverse.

This industry in that place grew from being barely existent at the start of 1974 to arguably the world’s second most important today.  And somehow it did it without diversity, or at least without diversity as SJWs define it in the context of that industry, and we know that’s a moving goalpost.

So, why now?

First off, CSIT-STEM has grown big enough such that SJWs think it needs to start paying the diversity tax.  But I think the more critical task for SJW is to attach themselves and leech off an industry that is and will continue to be successful in the coming decades.  SJWs tend to make everything they touch worse, the reverse Midas Touch.  I think they think that if they force their way into CSIT-STEM, and it doesn’t start circling the drains, then they can become optically associated with a successful industry, and lose their reputations as industry wreckers.  However, the fine print is that the industry would continue to be successful in spite of them and their leeching.

I’m disappointed that Slashdot’s editors are helping to fuel this fire.




3 responses

13 09 2016

“And somehow it did it without diversity” – the lawyers wrote an exemption into disparate impact for themselves and their profession that tech was able to piggyback onto.

13 09 2016

Slashdot has been pozzed for a long, long time.

13 09 2016

Though in very recent years, they’ve had as good as anywhere news about H-1B. What they don’t seem to realize is that all this social justice SJW crap vis-a-vis SV serves as a diversion to keep us from thinking about H-1B.

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