Social Justice Gives No Quarter

13 09 2016

sports-3 sports-2 sports-1

Three articles, and you can bet the the dork in Orlando with a fax machine gets at least one mention. As a matter of fact, he got two.

It used to be that sports is where we went to get away from this shit. But if SJWs aren’t even going to give quarter to ballgames, then more and more people are going to turn away from them. Which would be a good thing in the long run. I happen to think that this kind of stuff, most importantly, black football players developing such an oppositional verve on this National Anthem matter, is only going to redound to our political benefit in the long run.

Some of the same people (cough cough, Baraq Obama, cough cough) who want us to respect Colin Kaepernick’s freedom of conscience rights couldn’t wait to throw Donald Sterling under the bus.




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13 09 2016

Another version of the NC story.

We’re more than happy to think, or rather, snark, like this. But to the SJW, this doesn’t compute. The reason is that their agenda necessarily depends on people continuing to perpetuate the system SJWs hate in spite of SJWs trying to undermine that very system. Like I wrote here awhile back, Deray McKesson hates the Baltimore Police Department but needs the Baltimore Police Department to collect local real estate taxes to fund the Baltimore Public Schools so they have the money to pay their newest employee, Deray McKesson. The answer to that paradox is that most people will pay their property taxes without public force or coercion, because in spite of all our unwanteds and obsoletes, we’re still basically a northwestern European diaspora society with all the social altruism and capital that such entails. That, and Deray doesn’t really hate the BPD; he, like most BLM high level activists, are trying to nuance and leverage black undertow hatred of cops and white pathological altruism/white guilt, and play them against each other and play both ends against the middle, in order to leverage gibs, sinecures, grants, jobs, careers, for themselves. In Deray’s case, he already has gotten two jobs plus a Yale lectureship out of the deal.

Likewise, no real honorable man will want to play on a mixed sex serious sports team. As a wise man wrote several years back, “progressive moral preening is only possible because of most people’s adherence to traditional morality and their reverence towards traditional institutions.” If and when we quit, SJWs are so fucked.

13 09 2016
13 09 2016
David In TN

Kaepernick, Obama, etc say he has the “right” to protest this racist, evil country. Do tell. If it’s so oppressive, how come he pays no penalty for protesting?

An irony they are too stupid to note.

13 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

These dumb fucks actually believe in “black power”. Its hilarious how idiots who need handouts to live actually are stupid enough to believe they have any power at all, but I guess when you have a living fossil from the Stone Age, you really don’t expect thought or introspection to exist there.
They are just a biological weapons, expendable assets. They can have all the tantrums they want to, but they’ll get nothing from this. The enemy hopes enough fat White men still care about ball games to have some little influence on them. They don’t really realize most White people never bought their lies and just played along because they had something to lose.
Now that White Genocide is obvious, the wonderful times of play acting and go along to get along have ended for our parasitic invaders. Existential threats have a wonderful way of clearing up any bad thoughts of charity and mercy. Its the Weimar Republic 2.0. Never again, just happened.

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