A New Low

14 09 2016


A cab driver, at ten in the morning, on Kingshighway and Laclede.  That’s not exactly one in the morning on the corner of College and Carter.

Whichever ook did this is fucking brazen as hell.

Non-St. Louisans may notice that the name of the cab company and one of the names of the streets where this happened are the same, that being Laclede, and you may deduce that the name is locally significant.  And you would be correct.  Laclede Avenue is also the address dividing line for north-south drags that exist on both sides of Laclede, there is no dividing line for east-west drags.




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14 09 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

Dear me…. It’s all so far out of hand. I’m headed out on a very long motor trip up through Canada and the eastern US. Ice already canceled visits with friends in Chicago even though they live in a “good” area.

I may limit my stays to small towns. This isn’t the America I grew up in. I’m glad I’m old.

14 09 2016
Alex the Goon

The article was updated; now says he was shot around 0230, and the cops weren’t called until 1000.

14 09 2016


‘Ever since that young lady was killed, that SLU volleyball player, things have been changing down here,’ said Phil Czarnec, who owns two CWE restaurants. ‘The patios aren`t quite as busy as they once were,’ he said.

Megan Boken. I’ll remember that even if I get to be 1,000,000 years old with Alzheimer’s, because we coordinated with Joyce’s office, because our press conferences, hers to announce the arrest of the suspects in that case, and ours to announce that Todd was staying in, were on the same afternoon, and we had to figure out which conference was better to go first, even though the conferences weren’t in the same place.

15 09 2016

The people in the interview are not representative of most residents of the CWE. Where are the interviews with rich people and gays? Also, the housing stock in the footage didn’t look like a typical CWE residence. North Sarah and Olive is definitely on the ‘bad’ side of the neighborhood. Hell of a lot closer to SLU than Barnes. I used to go the Scottish Arms @ Sarah & Laclede. Not anymore.
Surprised that Slay didn’t tweet that the cab driver ‘knew’ his attacker. To me, that was one of Slay’s biggest screw ups about the Boken case. Also think the Boken case would have had an even bigger impact if she was from the area. Would have had a lot more friends and family interviews.

15 09 2016

I heard a rumor that Black Panthers were seen in the CWE very recently. Is this true? If so, why? Thanks.

15 09 2016
15 09 2016

Thanks. I should have kept scrolling.

15 09 2016

Saw a young women was raped in her apartment in the CWE just recently too.

25 09 2016

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