Voter Fraud Is an Extremely Minor Problem, You Say?

16 09 2016

St. Louis City

The do-over special election for House-78-D was today, and Bruce Franks easily won.

This is what happens when elections are honest.

Last month, the raw vote total was Penny Hubbard 2203, Franks 2113.  Tonight’s results are Franks 2234, Hubbard 701.  As you can see, Franks got about the same number of votes, maybe slightly more because a handful of people voted for him out of spite and out of sympathy for the first election being stolen from him; as it was, there were 314 votes last month for the token sacrificial lamb Republican in House-78-R, so some of those voted today for Franks.  However, the raw vote total for Penny Hubbard went way down, from 2203 to 701.  What percentage of that 1,500 vote margin was fraudulent in last month’s vote?  Let’s be generous and say half of it, for 750.  There are about 19,000 registered voters in House-78, so that’s close to 4% fraud over the total possible electorate, and 17% of last month’s actual turnout.  Extrapolate this over many precincts, and all I can say is that when blacks and others want to commit voter fraud, they can do it, very easily.  Yes, I’m thinking that a certain big election four years ago needs an asterisk.

One other thing we shouldn’t forget is that the only reason this do-over happened was because a black Democrat was the victim of black Democrat voter fraud.  If the victim was anything but, nobody would have cared.  How do I know?  Because there have been many such “anything but” victims in this town over the years, and nobody gave a shit then.

Now, Mr. Franks, let’s talk about your professional wardrobe.  Since we’ll be seeing each other often in the first four and a half months of next year, even though I very rarely have to deal with General Assembly Democrats, I don’t need to be seeing you in faded cartoon T-shirts.



6 responses

16 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

So they had a choice between black 1 and black 2? Or is it thing 1 and thing 2? Only the Cat in the Hat knows for sure. You need a bigger Cat. These rats are outta control.

16 09 2016

Thanks for exposing this and I totally agree with you asterisk comment for the 2012 election. And why are my comments being deleted at AmRen when I reply in support of your comments? Jared must hate Homer Simpson.

17 09 2016

As someone who comments quite a bit at AR, too much for his own good, and has had quite a few of his own comments deleted, I think I can clue you in on something, based on what I have concluded purely on informal Bayesian heuristic observation:

Empty calorie Krispy Kreme comments that don’t make any point or don’t contribute anything to the conversation will get deleted. “I agree!” “Well said.” “Good point.” “LOL” — Empty calorie comments.

17 09 2016

Thanks for the info! But no more contributions to AmRen from me. I’ll send them your way now.

16 09 2016

I had thought originally that the black vote was diminished outside of the inner cities due to the destruction of social networks, but now I have to wonder how much of that is the political machine not being able to engage in as much fraud.

18 10 2016
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