Zero to Double Digits in Three Years

18 09 2016


AfD takes 13% in Berlin metropolitan elections.  It was non-existent the last time they held them, and both the lamestream center-right party (CDU, of Angela Merkel) and the center-left party (SPU), lose ground, though both finished ahead of AfD.

Because Berlin is thought to be a universal cosmopolitan city, that AfD wouldn’t do that well there, for the same reason UKIP was a non-entity in London.  That thought entered my mind, too.  And I could have just as easily forecasted that as I would have what actually happened.  Like a handful of Alt-Right political theorists have thought for a long time, there is a sleeping giant electoral constituency in major urban areas who despise the center-left, are uncomfortable with the center-right, and will show up if there’s some sort of a populist-nationalist credible option.  It’s the same reason why Trump cleaned up in Acela states.




2 responses

18 09 2016

The disheartening part is that the AfD’s support is much lower than that. That’s a differential I’ve discussed here.

19 09 2016


It’s not that bad. He could have complained about cartoon frogs.

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