McDonalds Ain’t a Happy Place

19 09 2016

Columbus, Ohio

Bye bye Americans, hello H-1B.

Wonder when they’ll start using J-x visa holders to replace 365BellCurve.

One thing we do know:  These days are long gone:




3 responses

19 09 2016
Hard Right

I actually remember that commercial, but I’d never seen it in color.

19 09 2016

good thing I know what their actual food looks like these days.

20 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Old beef patty, special sauce, freezer burn, cheese food, with salmonella on a cold microwaved bun. MMM, mmm. Can you feel the diarrhea pressing against your sphincter? Da, da, da, dum dum, I’m avoiding it.

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