Why I’m #NRx

19 09 2016


Rolling Stone:

Why Vox’s Matt Yglesias Should Go Back in Time and Unwrite Recent Column

A member of the press arguing against transparency?

You may never see a worse case of media Stockholm Syndrome than a recent column by Matt Yglesias at Vox, entitled, “Against Transparency.”

Subheaded “Government officials’ email should be private, just like their phone calls,” the Yglesias piece basically argues that emails shouldn’t be covered by laws like the Freedom of Information Act because it’s the 2010s, and it’s just too darn hard to use the phone if you want to keep something secret while you’re on the public payroll.

I’m sure there’s no shortage of reporters lining up to take a whack at Yglesias and his treasonous column this week, so I’ll keep this short:

And then, a laundry list of yadda yadda.

We know the real reason why Yglesias fixed his fingers to type something this outrageously stupid. In light of that, I disagree with Matt Taibbi’s contention that Yeglesias is being “treasonous.” I think he is being perfectly loyal to the Democrat Party.

We don’t have real journalism or real political debates and discussion. Instead, what we have is sublimated agenda-loaded partisanism. And that’s a natural consequence of democratic republicanism.

Let me put it to you this way: In the alt-universe where I’m king instead of some backwater lobbyist, Matt Yglesias’s opinions on public officials’ communications would be informed by rational logical thought, instead of YAY BLUE TEAM histrionics. There would be no political parties to be loyal to, because there would be no political parties, because there would be no voting.




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