Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

19 09 2016


LAT: Dallas has a stray dog problem — about 9,000 of them. And some killed a woman.

If that wasn’t enough for you, the first sentence contains “Shaniqua.”

Bell Curve Cities everywhere are notorious for stray dogs, because Bellcurvius just doesn’t get animal husbandry.




5 responses

19 09 2016

must think they can get welfare check for pups too

20 09 2016

Blacks should NEVER be allowed to own dogs.

Their sub-human behavior and sub-human IQs disqualify them from ownership of anything other than, maybe, Goldfish.

20 09 2016

One guy at work said his cousin works at the animal shelter and she said they don’t place many dogs anymore because all the dogs coming in are Pitbulls or Pitbull mix and too potentially dangerous a liability to adopt. The Blacks love vicious dog breeds, wonder how many of them have the necessary homeowners liability insurance you should have to own a vicious breed? Doubt many do as I hear your insurance goes sky high if you’ve got one like a DUI does to your car insurance and I can’t see a group who are too cheap to leave a tip at Denny’s obtaining, notifying, and paying hundreds in “unnecessary” homeowner’s/liability insurance. Lived at one of these “chain” sprawling fancy apartment complexes and the management actually made us come in with paperwork proving we had renters/liability insurance the way a cop checks you car insurance. Helps to keep out the lowlifes, didn’t matter, they put a section 8 complex up right next door. This was out in Tualatin Oregon where fortunately there weren’t many blacks so the section 8 was filled with Marshall Islanders, Mexicans, and White Women with bastard children whose no good boyfriends passed out drunk in the complex hot tub in the middle of a summer day bringing the ambulances out.

One solution to Dallas problem is to start exporting fresh meat for Korean BBQ. Pecan Smoked Pitbull, a great new export.

20 09 2016

Many blacks go to rescue shelters to adopt dogs and cats for their pit bulls to maul and kill. Many shelters are very reluctant and careful when considering a black adoption.

20 09 2016

On the other side of the problem, haven’t the areas that see lots of Haitians witnessed the stray population basically disappear?

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