Exhibit A

20 09 2016

Joliet, Illinois

I can see their point.

We have plenty of helicopteral and windshield evidence that black people can drive automobiles at a very rapid rate.

Get with it, NASCAR.




5 responses

20 09 2016

Al Cowlings proved they can abide by yellow flags.

20 09 2016

Hey pup, long time no see.

21 09 2016

As you can figure, the job’s been keeping me busy.

20 09 2016
Dr. Duke

Ugg. NASCAR has already spent millions on their “Drive for diversity” or whatever they call it. You can be bending over backwards trying to get some of them in and they will pitch a fit and scream you are tying to keep them out.

These diversity programs never seem to keep the protest and lawsuits away. Maybe someday corporate America will abandon them. Sadly that probably will only happen once Whites are a minority.

21 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

This is sheer intimidation, not of NASCAR but the White fanbase. Monkey ball has been hemorrhaging viewers, but NASCAR is an all-Whitey thang. So like the Confederate Flag removal they are now trying to monkey up NASCAR to put YT in his place. Keep poking the Tiger. The Tiger will tear your head off this time.

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