Pop Goes the Narrative

20 09 2016


Like I’ve been saying, for more than a year, if Trump even does as little as one percent better among Hispanics than Romney did, a whole lot of narratives, a whole lot of careers, and a subset of an industry, is down the toilet and out the door.




7 responses

20 09 2016

They still have a case that the GOP would need to actually win hispanics, rather than maximize their take, and count on hillary to drive down their turnout. Maybe Jeb could have won an outright majority of the hispanic vote,my bet on how this puppet show was supposed to turn out, but other than that the republicans could never win in such a way without betraying their base(again, the objective).

20 09 2016

I’m rather curious about this, since one of your recurring tropes is that the great hispanic tidal wave has yet to crash on shore. Any thoughts on whether this year is different?

20 09 2016

Won’t be any different this year, they’ll be a minor constituency that exercises no real marginal leverage.

21 09 2016

There are a bunch of them flooding into the DMVs down here, but its too little too late. The hispanic vote can’t tilt the election either way, the white working class can, and hopefully will.

When they do get that kind of power, which will take longer than the numbers would suggest due to a variety of factors, America is too far gone to be saved.

20 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

I’m sure that in this election the Hispanic vote will only be really important in California. When they don’t show up in significant numbers to vote since its not a Mexican election. Many Demmies and weasels like Karl Rove will be sweating bullets about the outcome and how to explain the continued apathy of Mexicans when Elections occur in El Norte.

20 09 2016

Even if you back all the Hispanics out of California’s voting, it’s still a blue state.

20 09 2016
Alex the Goon

They might turn out this year to vote for a spickess Senatora. (The puta who stole B-1 Bob’s seat).
Saw a personalized license plate today, “MN TO CA” (not even the plain vanilla plate, but some “environmental” design that costs extra). Just one example that the white liberal migration isn’t only leaving Kalif for Texas or Colorado. It’s a revolving door. I was in utter disbelief that the car wasn’t a Prius.

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