That’s What Happens When You Don’t Have That Many

21 09 2016

Jefferson City


Notice in the caption, of the two people dancing, one lives where I currently live, and the other lives where I lived before that.  It’s as if the P-D is trolling me personally.

Quite a few people in a few towns in southwest Missouri might not be so sanguine about our state’s successful Hispanic integration.




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22 09 2016

This is something I tell my parents whenever they complain about the number of Mexicans in St. Louis. Compared to just about anywhere else, we have none. Is right to work going to let them flood in? Or is it that southwest Missouri has more agricultural/unskilled labor?
OT- I can see a danger in constitutional carry. Blacks can walk around with guns. I know that most cannot legally purchase one, but the shit will hit the fan when one who is legally carrying is shot. I am not against it per se, just wary of unintended consequences. Getting a permit is a very good way of keeping the riff raff from pulling the ‘I had a right to carry’ crap. Case in point, the Philando Castille shooting in MN a couple of months ago. Apparently he had a permit from another jurisdiction (that story has gone really cold BTW)

22 09 2016

A handful of southwest towns have ag processing. I don’t think RTW, if it happens, will make a difference in this matter, or much of anything substantial. It’s just that for some reason I still can’t fathom, it’s important to the stakeholders on either side of the matter, and that’s why they’re spending big money in MO-GOV.

Concarry: Five years ago, I wrote this:

And of course, we’re a NAM-significant state, namely, black-significant.

My post about the veto override of 656:

Note the third to last paragraph. That should ease your concerns somewhat.

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