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22 09 2016



NBA, players’ union outline joint ‘meaningful action’ plan in letter

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have worked together over the past several days to create a plan for handling potential protests by players during the national anthem, sources told ESPN.com.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver and union executive director Michele Roberts on Wednesday sent a joint letter to all players. In the document, obtained by ESPN, the two sides pledged to work together to find a way to take “meaningful action” in NBA cities in the wake of the unrest in the country over police shootings and related incidents.

Let me translate this for you:

Silver is begging players not to kneel during the playing of the national anthem before games this upcoming season.

If you stop reading right now, you pretty know know all you need to know.  However, this deserves a more detailed explanation.

Because football a game form of ground combat warfare, the men who play it have something of a solider-like mentality.  This was one of the reasons why I figured from the outset that the black Mizzou football players were acting not on their own volition, but in reaction to the provocation from older adults on campus.  Furthermore, the men who coach NFL teams or any level of football have a Weberian officer- and NCO-like mentality.  This is why the NFLPA is the weakest of all the major American sports’ players unions, and why the NFL CBA is the most team- and owner-friendly compared to the others.  You no more want football players to have an independent rebellious streak than you want Army privates to have it, for much the same reason.  Similarly, college football recruiting and military recruiting share a bevy of similarities.

This is why only a few NFL players are doing the kneeling.

In contrast, the NBPA is strong, and the NBA CBAs are much more player-friendly.  The universe of NBA players is as a generality much more tight and socially cohesive than the NFL’s.  The relationship between coaches and players in the NBA is not the Weberian military command style structure as one finds in the NFL, it is more of a preacher-parishioner relationship or a motivational speaker-paying audience relationship.  The best NFL coaches are the best disciplinarians, while the best NBA coaches are the best motivational speakers.

Furthermore, NBA players on what seem to be bitter rival teams are very friendly with each other when the game clock is not on, while that is not generally the case in the NFL.

One more piece of this puzzle:  While the NFL is heavily black, the NBA is even more heavily black.  And, unlike football, the game of basketball and black hip hop culture were conceptually merged a long time ago.  Let me put it another way:  Football happens to have lots of black players, while the NBA is a black league.

Put all these pieces together, and what do we have?

When a few NFL players kneel during the national anthem, a few NFL players kneel.  Nothing more.

If one NBA player decides to kneel, the whole league is going to kneel, because one doing it will create social pressure on everyone else to do it, everyone from the last guy on the bench in each team up to the head coach.  Any player who doesn’t will quickly become a social outcast, and any coach who doesn’t will lose credibility among his players, and will no longer be able to be a good coach anymore.  Remember, motivational speaker, not military general.

Adam Silver has seen how even a few NFL players kneeling is hurting ratings in all football, NFL and college.  If we see video of all coaches and players kneeling, it’s going to do existential damage to the NBA.

Silver is trying to pander to key players’ union officials so that they exert pressure within their ranks not to kneel.




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22 09 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

I don’t really see any harm in the American public turning away from spectator sports entirely. If it is sports they want, then, go play it. If it is for entertainment, take up music-playing. Take up a craft. Take up volunteer work for your own kind. Any of those is both more rewarding, and does something tangible.

22 09 2016


I always guessed what would have brought down football as a business and as a serious amateur and semi-professional and professional pursuit is the cumulative effect of the fallout of concussion lawsuits. Now it might be the case that it’s a matter of SJWs ruin everything they touch, with their reverse Midas touch.

22 09 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

I don’t know how to attach a photo here, if indeed it is possible. So, I will quote a bumper sticker I had made: “Cut the Cable Toss the Console” (next line) Learn to Play Music Instead.

(signed) A bear with his piano, 14 months of lessons and counting

22 09 2016
Joshua Sinistar

The NFL like the NBA has run into the Iron Law of Economics. When you go black, you go broke. Whatever it is, no matter how profitable, black will ruin it. Whether its Haiti, Detroit or Rhodesia/South Africa, they dindu nuffin. They dindu anything. That’s why they’re all STUCK ON STUPID and living in The Stone Age. You know black isn’t really a color, its a lack of color. Its as dark as night. A New Dark Age is all they can offer. Do you like that? HELL NO!

23 09 2016

Can you expand on the weaknesses of the NFLPA? With the salary minimum percentage they squeezed out of the league, they looked like a monolith compared to the NFL as an institution.

23 09 2016

Doesn’t mean they’re non-existent or they have no power, but compared to NBA, NHL, MLB, they are significantly weaker.

23 09 2016
Deplorable Lamplighter of California

“the game of basketball and black hip hop culture were conceptually merged a long time ago.”

The following article from twelve years ago might interest you,as it goes into detail about this very phenomenon:

“NBA Bounces to an Edgy Hip-Hop Beat” by David Wharton,December 24,2004

21 10 2016
13 11 2016
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