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25 09 2016


Full text of Milo speaking at the University of Houston, about how to hunt frogs.

Needless to say, Pepe has nothing to worry about, because this advice will remain perpetually unrequited.

However, as someone who comments on AR way too much for his own good, I want to reply to something he said here.

First, here’s his only mention of Jared Taylor by name:

The Left has demonized and censored people who speak about taboo issues respectfully and seriously. NYU didn’t let James Watson speak last week and say what you want about Jared Taylor, he’s certainly has a respectful and serious tone. So if you’re going to get ostracized for having un-PC views no matter how you present them, why not be an asshole about it?

And now here’s where I’m going to get a little defensive, though I should add the caveat that I’m not doing it with official imprimatur, nor am I doing it from a position of having skin in the game:

The good news is, the alt-right in its broadest definition isn’t in fact to any degree traditional white nationalists. Those guys are in there, along with intellectuals naturally drawn to taboo subjects, but the American Renaissance types, the Richard Spencers of the world, consider much of the alt-right as it exists today to be “unserious”.

Except WNs are part of the alt-right, and furthermore, WNs seem to think, or wish, that “white nationalism” and “alt-right” were perfect synonyms, and they’re upset that it’s actually not.  As much as Jared Taylor dislikes the term “alt-right,” he is begrudgingly accepting it to apply both to him personally and to AR as an organization.  It’s therefore a contradiction in terms for a constituent person and organization of the alt-right to dismiss the larger tendency it is a part of to be unserious.  And I don’t think that JT has a dismissive standoffish attitude about the more irreverent provinces of the alt-right continent; what I think he thinks is that they have their role, and a serious cerebral outlet like AR has its role, and neither should get much mixed up with each other’s proclivities.  As long as JT and AR has been going at it, since 1990, the tactic that seems to get results is the “being an asshole about it,” as Milo said.  This means that the “assholes” have their role and deserve credit for being the secret sauce.  But, we also have to remember that when the media want someone to put a camera or microphone in front of, they don’t call people on 4chan, they call Jared Taylor.  Mainstream marketable erudite polite PR-friendly neighborly types are unquestionably essential to any movement that seeks long-term tenacity and viability.

A huge proportion of the alt-right today are Millennials, ranging from teenagers up to the younger members of Generation X.

I don’t know about that.  Someone analyzed all the prominent alt-right Twitter accounts, and at least for those who provide enough age information, the results are that they are almost entirely white men between 40 and 60.  I do think that the date of November 6, 1966 is important, because if you were born after that date, you never could have possibly cast a vote for Ronald Reagan for any public office.  And we’re coming up very quickly to the 50th anniversary of that date, meaning that we’re coming up on a situation where all possible Reagan voters alive will be over a half-century old, and most, significantly older.  I also think that 50 is a fairly clear but not perfect line of demarcation between alts and normies; if you’re younger, and you’re a white rightist, you tend to be alt-right, while if you’re older, you’re probably a normiecon (Reagan-Limbaugh style lamestream conservative).  I think the two observations are related somehow, they’re not a coincidence.

If, by “alt-right,” Milo means exclusively the internet’s “asshole” brigade, and he seems to intimate that in his speech, then I do think that it consists of people who are Catalano and younger.





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25 09 2016

Well put. Everyone has their place and all bring newcomers. As much as I think Milo and the Altlite are over hyped I can’t deny they’re doing good work. I know a 62 year old woman who loves Milo to death. I’ll be sending her a link to AR in about 2 months…good old gateway drugs!

25 09 2016

I’m surprised you didn’t react to the blurb in the wrap-up about Cleveland and East Cleveland merging.

25 09 2016

You must have me confused with someone else, I’m your Indianapolis twitter fan.

25 09 2016

(Slaps self)

Notsam is in Cleveland.

25 09 2016
Avenge Harambe

I think you may be on to something with the age range. As someone who was fifteen when Reagan was re-elected in 1984, and therefore too young to have voted for him, a lot of us grew up politically in the Reagan era and saw the last gasps of real America. When Bush 41 took over we began to see the country being sold out to global interests and more and more cultural stupidity started to creep in unchallenged. This got exponentially worse under Clinton and Bush 43, prompting us to get even more cynical. Osambo was just the icing on the cake.

With the benefit of age and hindsight, many of us are starting to come to the realization that the Reagan era was at best a false start. At worst an empty bill of goods.

25 09 2016
Alex the Goon

“when the media want someone to put a camera or microphone in front of, they don’t call people on 4chan, they call Jared Taylor.”
Ironic, because almost every MSM story these days quotes six random @ssholes twatter opinions on the given topic.

25 09 2016

About teenagers, I have several, two of which play soccer at high levels for their oh so progressive and well thought of public inner ring school district and high level club soccer, As you may or may not know, high level soccer in St. Louis today is a white sport with few exceptions. I can go to SLYSA, Lou Fusz, Gallagher and nary see more than a couple of black kids. You do see some hispanics now, and certainly some Bosnians, but’s it’s still vast majority white. South County, West County and St. Charles County. I was shocked, and you would be too, at the old school racial vitriol these kids throw at black kids on opposing teams. They tell me stuff that was said, which no kid of my generation X would dare say. And yet they have a couple of black buddies who they are totally cool with.

I’m not even necessarily condoning it, but it is very interesting to me, who now finds himself on the altright (after I figured out what it was).

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