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25 09 2016


* He used to be a battle rapper.  Which means if any legislative business in at least the next two years depends on members being able to freestyle bars and rhymes, he’ll easily carry the session.

* “Who would want to steal a 16-year old Chevy Silverado?”  Come on now.  We all live in Bell Curve City.

* I touched on this story in last week’s wrap up, and a surprising twist we have learned in the past week is that there’s some salt in that pepper shaker.

* If you’re this particular victim and you’re reading this, check to see if Illinois has a crime victims’ compensation fund.


* Cops behaving “goodly,” Part 1.

* Dork in Orlando with a fax machine gets a mention.


* Even in Alabama.


* And this is part and parcel of the real reason why a lot of political professionals despise the person of Donald J. Trump Sr.  It’s because he’s showing that they’re not that much necessary.  He’s rewriting the rule book in such a way that it leaves the incumbent cabal of political professionals and their whole industry out in the cold.

* “Obama’s Coalition,” seems to be mis-sold as younger voters and non-black minorities.  When in reality the driving force behind it was 70-year old Mamie.

* Don’t worry, they are throwing everything and the kitchen zink at Peter Thiel, and he seems to be doing fine.


* When you play with fire, and do it criminally, you just might burn yourself, thereby implicating yourself.

* Why the hell not?  Armed suspects are social justicey, cops are not.

* Reason number getting close to infinity why I’m #NRx.

* And one more on top of that.

* They’re becoming so ridiculous that they take our side’s ridicule as serious proposals.  Though from the general universe that brought you the Sokal Affair, that shouldn’t be a shock.

* Gee, isn’t this what you wanted?

* And when will this madness stop?  Of course, I know the answer, it’ll stop when the insurance industry doesn’t have the power to bully people and institutions that it does now.

* They demanded their safe spaces, and they got them.  And now we act so surprised when they use them.

* Didn’t I do this same story a few years ago?  Oh yeah, I did.  The moral of this story is that if you’re a black boy toddler, and you have a 17-year old uncle, you’re gonna smoke some pot.

* He’s a science teacher.  Specifically, chemistry.  Or so I am presuming.  Just because I want to find a way to work a “Breaking Bad” pun into it.

* “Providing Urban Learners Success in Education High School.”  I’ve read some gawdy school names in the last handful of years, but that takes the cake.  You should know it’s a last chance high school, and not surprisingly, among its students is a 20-year old grown man who is dumb enough to let a security guard watch his bookbag which also happens to have a gun in it.

* Yawn.  Wake me up when the original KKK graffiti incident shows to be a hoax.

* They might as well merge, nobody else would have either one of them.


* The idea that white people should procreate, or do so more than they are, will always be met with accusations of all the cool *-isms and *-phobias.


* A longform in IEEE Spectrum about the hitches in the path to an LED-lit future.  The path itself LED-lighted.

* I have used this space through the years to flaunt all my geeky hobbies and obsessions, among more important matters.  So it’s probably going to surprise very few of you that I’m also a Ham.  Albeit not a very active one.  But I still keep up with the news from that universe, and here is some good recent news.

* One really big lingering mystery about dinosaurs that is just now beginning to be solved is their surface coloration.

* I’ll say it again:  How can we take any of this big imminent talk seriously when no human has been beyond low Earth orbit since December 1972?

* This goes in the “Doctor Heal Thyself” file.

* The kids, 13 and 14, took it well.  Maybe because they’re trying to figure out how to join the fun and make it a group orgy.

* If judges are handing out raid warrants based solely on IP addresses, then they should know that IP addresses are not imminently associated with particular individuals or particular domiciles.

* Spencer Elden should look forward to taking a swim every five years, on the ones and sixes.  He did this five years ago for the 20th anniversary.

There’s also a lesson hiding in this story.  He’s 25 now, which means he was born in 1991, which makes sense, because he as a baby when he was photographed for the album art for “Nevermind” released that year.  Nirvana is one of the most prominent grunge and alt rock acts associated with the 1990s teenage and young adult popular culture, my generation when we were younger.  (Hint:  “Nevermind” was released in the same month I started high school.)  Yet, Elden is a Millennial, and as I have been told and have observed since then, the popularity of Nirvana, Metallica, and the others like them, has not waned one bit in the transition from the teenage and young adult consumers of popular culture transitioning from Generation X to Millennials.

* My reaction to this story is the same is my reaction to this story which I did in the wrap-up three weeks ago:  Animal husbandry affects the evolutionary trajectory of species that are under human supervision.

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25 09 2016

(Reposting this as this is a more appropriate spot)

I was thinking about generational change and I realized that the Baby Boomers have held on to power so long (both candidates are in their 70s) that Gen X might actually be skipped over for the presidency–assume Clinton or Trump serves two terms, that’s 2024, I’m in the middle of my generation and I’d be 39. it’s not inconceivable a young Millennial gets elected in the ’20s.

Can confirm I was wearing Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Smashing Pumpkins t-shirts in high school (graduated in ’04) as did most of the other white kids. We hated Baby Boomer music. Wouldn’t be surprised if the kids still wear them–my generation has been completely derelict in providing listenable rock music to the children of Gen Xers (do they have a name yet?)

25 09 2016

“Children of Gen Xers”

Generation Z, post-2000 birth years generally, to follow up on X and then the initial name for Millennials, that being Y. They’re settling on “Homelanders” for Z, because almost all were born after 9/11. Every generation deserves to be named after a really tall skyscraper that is wrecked in a terrorist attack, it’s just that this one had the foresight to wait until that actually happened to be born.

26 09 2016
Hard Right

What does our token Leftist think about Shrillary’s 65 percent estate tax?

26 09 2016

We’ll wait for him, but I think we all know what she’s doing with it. She’s not serious about it, she wouldn’t try to push for it. This is just a rhetorical device she’s using to cover for her being a total plutocratic shill, and to try to woo Bern victims back into the blue team.

25 09 2016
David In TN

“There’s some salt in that pepper shaker.”

This reminds me of a second-hand anecdote that was told to me. Whites who commit heinous murders are usually druggies, drunks, psychos, etc. Blacks who do so are often garden variety people.

From my own experience of following crimes and trials going back to Manson, many black perps indeed fit the psycho, druggie type, but sometimes the perp of a black on white murder won’t have a criminal record, or only a minor one.

25 09 2016

Late entry.

I really don’t think they should be self-flagellating over the non-Chinese elements of all this.

25 09 2016
Hard Right

25 09 2016
Hard Right

Aging femtard marrying her young Syrian refugee lover after they fell in love in the Calais Jungle DENIES claims that female volunteers are heading to the camp looking for sex

Sarah Gayton, 41, from Chiswick, in west London, quit her job five days after meeting Hamoude Kahlil, a law student who had fled the city of Aleppo, in Syria, in 2014.

25 09 2016
Hard Right

Build your career with the only program from a leading business school to address lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender leadership in the C-suite.

25 09 2016
Hard Right

25 09 2016

Another late entry, this from my favorite person in the whole wide city, that being Tony Messenger.

He needn’t worry, because with AFFH about to hit, this will all be moot.

25 09 2016
Hard Right

Common Filth should use the Mr. Ed theme the next time he makes an animal vid.

25 09 2016
Alex the Goon

Breaking Bad pun – Nah, just a TN being black.
Dinosaur coloration – A dinosaur nerd chick told me a couple yrs ago that “they” now believe male dinos had bright colors and plumage to attract mates, like birds do. I said if that’s true, then the Asteroid Theory of extinction is probably a crock, because the boy dinos started hanging out together, primping and grooming and getting manipedis and tanned and just being fabulous, and within a few thousand years, they turned full-on gay. Ignoring the females, humping all the wrong holes, and boom — no fertilized eggs; no more dinosaurs. She didn’t forward my idea to the Society of American Dinosaur Nerds for further examination, but neither did she argue against my theory. As for these artists “conceptions” — I won’t believe it until they recreate one Jurassic Park-style, or go back in a time machine & take photos.

26 09 2016
Hard Right

Parenting Magazine Warns ‘Blond, Cheerful’ Families Dangerous, Likely Right Wing

26 09 2016
Hard Right

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