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25 09 2016

Grand Forks, North Dakota


The syllabi for college-level STEM courses—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—are “gendered” because they promote the idea that knowledge can be ascertained through reason. This is a masculine concept that hurts women’s feelings and makes it difficult for them to succeed.

That’s according to “Are STEM Syllabi Gendered? A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis” of the STEM syllabi at one Midwestern university. The discourse was authored by the University of North Dakota’s Laura Parson, and published in The Qualitative Report earlier this year.

According to Parson, such language reinforces “a competitive, difficult, chilly climate.” This climate “marginalizes women.” Why? Because they’re delicate snowflakes who couldn’t possibly handle a little competition and difficulty—implicitly, that’s what Parson is saying.


But it’s not just competition that marginalizes women in the classroom: the process of acquiring knowledge—the scientific method—is “inherently discriminatory to women and minorities,” according to the study.

Just give up all the knowledge and progress ascertained through reason and by means of the scientific method, because social justice.  Or is it supposed to be climate change?

In hard sciences whose very bases are the binary concepts of “on” and “off,” reasoning and command concepts go with the territory, snowflake.





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25 09 2016

that is honestly why the inherpreter was made.

25 09 2016
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