I’m a Skeptical Customer

26 09 2016


A clickbait rankings on a clickbait website, and we’re supposed to believe that St. Louis is more leftist that Cambridge, Mass., Berkeley, Calif., Boulder, Colo., and Evanston, Ill.

Come on now.

But this leaves us a few clues to how they came to this conclusion:

Along with election data and political activity, several touchstones of popular/consumer culture were used as factors, such as a person’s favorite television network, automobile brand, restaurant and magazine.

(For the record: St. Louis residents are most likely to watch HBO, drive a Subaru, read Maxim, shop at Victoria’s Secret and eat at California Pizza Kitchen.)


Mayor Francis G. Slay, gets prominent kudos in the study, which notes that Slay, a Democrat, has been elected to four consecutive terms and also helped the city become one of just 25 (out of 291) cities to get a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s “municipal equality index.”

Human Rights Campaign is all about the gay, all about the LGBTQetc.  And if that’s all they’re basing it on, then the case is plausible.  A few years ago, a famous gay mag rated St. Louis as gayer and more gay-friendly than San Francisco, and I can believe that.

The ironies in citing Slay in this are:  (1) Democrats win everything in St. Louis City, so it’s not special that one particular individual Democrat has won four consecutive terms as mayor, when Democrats are on their 17th consecutive term in that office; the last Republican to win that office off an election was about a month before V-E Day, and (2) By St. Louis City’s standards of its political homeostatic equilibrium, Slay is on the right.  Yeah, he’d be a solid liberal Democrat in state or Federal politics, but St. Louis City treats him as something of a conservative.  See also:  Emanuel, R. and Chicago.

I also don’t think it’s fair to compare known core cities to incorporated suburban or exurban college towns.




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