Life Is Its Own Punchline

26 09 2016

Los Angeles

Read carefully.

We find out that the prosperous tech and banking sectors in San Francisco are displacing artistic-oriented Bohemians to L.A.  However, once they get there, they’re displacing low-income Hispanics.

I guess this means that the Hispanics will go somewhere else, and in doing so, they will displace blacks.  Then the blacks will be moved, usually involuntarily, someplace, to where they will drive out the white bread white middle class.

Personally I take this as evidence that Nick Bostrom et al. are right and all this is just some big damned computer simulation.  In which case, someone is just fucking with us just to be trolling us.  Quasi-deity be like:  Drop some newfound prosperity in that place, wind everyone up, and watch ’em knock each other down like a line of dominoes, lulz.




4 responses

27 09 2016
Alex the Goon

If only the mexicans had a Homeland they could return to.

28 09 2016
Hard Right

Just plain weird. Some Beaner in the Army murdered a couple of “furries”

Looks like they wanted to muh dik the daughter.

28 09 2016
Hard Right
28 09 2016
Hard Right

Brits Irate over Kebab Muh Dikking

Police have arrested six men from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain on suspicion drugging and sexually assaulting her.

The demonstrators smashed windows at the house where the alleged assault took place, resulting in two Asian men unconnected with the attack being injured.

The protest has led to local MP Julie Elliott calling for calm amid increasing tensions between the city’s different communities.

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