Shorter Ben

26 09 2016

Oakton, Virginia

Someone named Ben Cohen writing in AT makes the case against Jared Taylor thusly:

Interestingly, Taylor’s hypothesis has already been tested. In 1959, Congress admitted to the union a state that was overwhelmingly non-white. Has that state transformed into a third-world hell hole? A dictatorship? No.

By all measures Hawaii is doing pretty well. Hawaii’s residents enjoy the eighth-highest median income of any state in the Union, according to 2014 figures.

Good.  All we have to do now is admit every Pacific Ocean archipelago as a state and turn them into military and soft power Federal dependencies, and that will prove that diversity works!  Take that, alt-right bigots!

On second thought, I better shut my trap, before I give them any ideas.




4 responses

26 09 2016

the thing to remember about the native hawaiians is that there are only around 14k of them. Most of the population is white(with some native admixture and thus demands benefits from the government on that basis) or asian. Clearly evidence that we need more muslims, africans, and mestizos.

26 09 2016

1% of HI is true Kanaka Moali. The “native Hawaiian” cause is just a tool that mixed Hawaiians exploit for power/money for themselves. Sound familiar?

26 09 2016

Hawaii has been home to large numbers of Japanese, Chinese and Korean immigrants since at least the beginning of the 20th century. This has a good deal to do with Hawaii’s prosperity, and — at least until recently — its lack of the high crime rates invariably produced by the presence of blacks and latinos.

28 09 2016
john jones

And they’re Asian and not black. That helps .. a lot!

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