Sounds Like a Personal Problem to Me

26 09 2016

Clemson, South Carolina

Harambe memes = a form of racism?

I say “gorilla.”  You say “you’re insulting black people!” I say “I didn’t say anything about black people.”

What it all means is that they’re the ones thinking that black people are gorillas, and then, projection.

And, from the way I’ve read, seen and heard black people call each other gorillas, apes and monkeys, they’re definitely thinking it about themselves.

Also, I don’t get the through line between Harambe and “rape culture.”  Unless someone has it in the back of their mind that black men have a tendency to rape, why anyone would think that, I don’t know.




2 responses

26 09 2016
Peter H

If black people are worried about being compared with gorillas, maybe they should tell their “BLM” brethren to stop ACTING like gorillas!

29 09 2016

Gorilla…insulting…said nothing…aggressing….

Let’s call the whole thing off.

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