Do Massa Gotz Gibs Fo’ Me?

27 09 2016

New Haven, Connecticut


Even when they’re Yale faculty, they can’t lose the slave mentality.




9 responses

27 09 2016

Cause he’s still something of a slave in a way. Affirmative action professor in an affirmative action department (black studies).

27 09 2016

Those top comments tearing him a new one.

27 09 2016

And also, narcissism.

27 09 2016

Damn. I’ve seen a lot of black dysfunction in my medium-long life…but that’s out there.

27 09 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

Why should America have a plan for this fool? Every other ethnic group or race has made it. It seems the one thing blacks can do better than anyone else is snivel.

28 09 2016
Hard Right

Yeah, I got a plan….

28 09 2016
28 09 2016
28 09 2016
Hard Right


A Tennessee man wore a gorilla mask, carried a rope and tried to hand out bananas at a college Black Lives Matter protest Wednesday, police said.

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